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    South-East Youths Leaves Peter Obi, Supports Tinubu - (My Reaction)

    Read the article here:
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    South-East Youths Leaves Peter Obi, Supports Tinubu - (My Reaction)

    This rant is inspired by the hardship millions Nigerians are facing in this country under the rule of the APC. In the post, I express my rage and partial disgust at how ignorant people in this country can be, especially when it comes to leadership. Youths from the Southeast are in support of...
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    Bitcoin is back in red. Is anyone buying?

    Bitcoin is experiencing it's worst drop since 2017. And right now more than 3 million naira has been scraped off its market value. Judging by how Bitcoin has been behaving over the past few years. I think this is a golden opportunity to get some stashed in my wallet.
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    Bitcoin looking strong today

    I guess so.
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    Which phone in Nigeria has the best camera and battery life

    ich phone in Nigeria has the best camera quality and battery life? The best camera phones have incredible image sensors that capture beautiful photos. A quality camera and an awesome battery life make for a powerful combination of beautiful photography and trusted power lasting. The best...
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    Bitcoin looking strong today

    Trust a lot of people are waiting for bitcoin to drop well (it's been a long while seen bitcoin halfed).
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    MTN Zigi trivia questions and answers: Every thing you need to know.

    If you have received 1gb of data for winning the zigi trivia quiz, please indicate by answering the questions before this thread so people may see whether the game sends free data or not.
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    MTN Zigi trivia questions and answers: Every thing you need to know.

    Have you heard that you can win 1gb of data every hour from mtn zigi trivia questions and answers? Well this is true because I won my share of the data feast. If you don't know MTN zigi, I think the next paragraph sums zigi all up (so read on). MTN's yello chatbot Zigi is an automated...
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    Bitcoin looking strong today

    Thanks for the update!
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    Save and invest the smart way with Cowrywise.

    Save and invest the smart way with Cowrywise.
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    Cowrywise savings and investment review plus guide to earn with cowrywise

    Cowrywise is a savings and investment company that is thriving, and growing very fast. Note: the article contains my affiliate link. You will be able to sign up and start making money with Cowrywise today with the link you will find in this article. The company claims that many people who...
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    Social media thread

    Best ways to use social media in 2022
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    How to get 350 mb for N50 with your mtn line

    Thank you
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    How to get 350 mb for N50 with your mtn line

    MTN is a telecommunications company in Nigeria with a lot of years of experience. MTN has been offering various cheap data plans like N20 for 75mb, N50 for 200mb, N100 for 1.2gb, keeps going. Why is it so cheap? While this question is something to think about MTN likes doing business this...
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    Bitcoin and other crytocurrency grabbing the world's attention

    Just in 3 January, 2009 bitcoin was newly introduced and formally recognized as a currency. 13 years later bitcoin has turned into a gold mine and center of attention in the world's financial sector. Bitcoin is exchanged by a lot of countries and it's value grows at striking speeds. Bitcoin...
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    Bitcoin looking strong today

    Bitcoin is looking strong today after a seemingly rapid drop it experienced yesterday. Can you understand why it grew back up? Just between yesterday and today it experienced a significant amount of increase. It may be some investors grabbed some profit if they bought btc yesterday.
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    Best Education News Sites

    Welcome to Nsmnews forum bewerent, and thankyou for this feedback. I will be delighted to have more of your reviews on other contents on the forum as I am ever open to improve quality of my articles. And am also sure the Admin is taking notes also. Thanks again.
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    Best Education News Sites

    Thanks bro I've learned the key to blogging is unique content. Admin told me countless times and now thanks to research I can say I've learned.
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    How Can I Pass My JAMB Exams

    Well for those haven't already written their JAMB exams, "how can I pass my Jamb exams?" must be the question banging in your brain right now when you feel you haven't prepared. Perhaps, you haven't even prepared yourself enough mentally for the exams. But don't be too scared! Because...
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    Nigerian Government used Twitter to suspend Twitter operations in Nigeria

    I'm actually not surprised some people or some Nigerians find the statement the FG posted on twitter disturbing or worrisome if I may add, reason being, it didn't only direct the threat at the criminals responsible for growing insecurity in the south easthern region of the country only, but it...