wigwe university

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  1. Amazin Zion

    Wigwe University the Most Expensive in Nigeria Gives Scholarship Oportunities to Many

    It was reported recently that Wigwe University, founded by the late Herbert Wigwe, the Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank, is expected to begin operating fully in August 2024. The university is in Isiokpo, in the Rivers State local government area. It will offer a variety of courses in four...
  2. queeny

    N12M for a year? Are the students going on vacation? Herbert Wigwe's University tuition fees creates buzz online

    Wigwe University, founded by late Access Bank CEO, Herbert Wigwe, is set to open its doors to the first set of students in August 2024. The institution of learning located in Isiokpo, Rivers State has sparked reactions online after the tuition fees surfaced online yesterday. Recall that the...
  3. T

    WIGWE University appoints a Pioneer Vice Chancellor as the Institution Prepares to Launch

    As Wigwe Varsity gets ready to join several other Nigerian universities to offer quality education to Nigerian youths, it has appointed Prof.Miles David from Philadelphia to be the pioneer vice chancellor. When Herbert Wigwe, the owner of the university talked about the University last year...