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FG orders telecommunications companies to reverse the 10% Increase

Discussion in 'Phone' started by Esther A, Oct 20, 2022.

  1. Esther A

    Esther A Member

    Jul 28, 2022
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    FG orders telecommunications companies to reverse the 10% Increase.

    The Federal Government has given orders to network service providers in Nigeria to reverse the 10% increase in calls and data services.

    In a statement given by the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), they directed the telecom operators to reverse the increase in calls and data services rate back to its former rate.

    Just a few weeks ago, telecommunications companies, MTN and Airtel had given an announcement that there would be a 10% hike in the cost of data services. Certain data packages had their prices increased by 10%.

    Interestingly, this change was proposed by the Management, and was awaiting final approval of the Board of the Commission.
    It is now known that it was not approved hence the reversal of the hike in data and call prices.

    According to the NCC, a critical analysis and review was carried out and the result led to this final decision.
    The minister of Communications and Digital Economy, in person of Prof. Isa Pantami mentioned that the priority remains at protecting the citizens. He believes that whatever will cause Nigerians hardship should not be considered or allowed.
    The NCC stated that they will continue to work to protect the interests of all, both customers and network providers.

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