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Kuda’s improves their customer experience

Discussion in 'Phone' started by Esther A, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Esther A

    Esther A Member

    Jul 28, 2022
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    Kuda’s improves their customer experience

    Kuda is a start-up digital-only bank that was established by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha, and previously known as Kudi Money,

    Using Kuda is completely free, unlike most traditional banks and even some online banks that charge for transactions, including SMS or email alerts on a monthly basis.
    It is a leading digital bank in Nigeria and nearly everyone in Nigeria with a smartphone is familiar with Kuda Bank.

    Even though Kuda Bank has gained popularity over time, its communication channels have left many customers at the bank’s mercy
    While Kuda doesn’t have any physical branches and claims it doesn’t need them, the digital bank has stepped up and established suitable communication routes for its clients, meaning clients may now call the bank’s customer support center to get their urgent requirements met

    Recently, Kuda, the money app for Africans, introduced a set of new features that allow its existing and prospective customers to perform their individual bank transactions with ease.

    Kuda Bank Contact Channels
    Customers can contact Kuda Bank through three main channels: email, in-app chat, and phone calls to their customer service department.

    Kuda Bank Contact Information
    The customer service number for Kuda Bank is 01-633-5832. You can contact the number as a client to ask questions or make requests related to your Kuda account.

    Email for Kuda Bank The email address for Kuda Bank is help@kudabank.com. You can send an email to Kuda as a client to request things, ask questions, or seek support with your account.

    Chief among these features in the personal banking category is the use of selfies for authentication – sign-in confirmation, to reset passwords and for revamping bank verification numbers (BVN). With this feature, customers can use their selfies to confirm their sign-in on a new device. Also, by comparing the selfie taken at BVN registration with the selfie captured at onboarding, customers can confirm true ownership of a BVN and reduce impersonation attempts.

    Also in the personal banking category, Kuda customers who don’t have a BVN or a valid ID can send money within the Kuda community with a username instead of an account number. They can also pay bills and buy airtime on the Kuda app.

    Kuda also recently launched a self-help portal for its customers to block and unblock their account without human intervention, another step in the company’s efforts to increase account security.

    The fintech’s customers can also buy gift cards on the Kuda app to shop globally, and buy JAMB and Direct Entry PINs. Also, customers without access to the phone number on their account can change their phone numbers on the web.

    Babs Ogundeyi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kuda says these features are in line with the fintech’s mission of improving the banking experience of its customers by conveniently meeting them at the various points of their banking needs.

    “Our goal is to deliver the future of financial services to our customers today and we are happy to be delivering this future one aspect at a time. Most of the things no one thought were possible in banking are unfolding before our eyes, thanks to our dedication to innovation.,” he said

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