Who told you that Amplicox can prevent pregnancy? Aproko Doctor asks

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Who told you that Amplicox can prevent pregnancy? Aproko Doctor asks​

Aproko-Doctor (1).png

Nigerian famous influencer Doctor Aproko Doctor has a word for every sexually active lady. He said some ladies purchase Amplicox thinking it would prevent pregnancy after they had unprotected sex. He clearly stated that Amplicox is just an antibiotic that cannot prevent an unwanted pregnancy. It is used in treating infection and killing bacteria, not a sperm that has fertilized an egg.

He warned ladies against using antibiotics without getting a prescription from the Doctor. That's because it may result in developing antibiotic resistance in cases where an infection is disrupting one's health. That causes an extra headache for Doctors who have to think of another alternative to treat infection cases after the patient's immune system has become resistant to antibiotics.

Aproko Doctor is a celebrity Doctor in Nigeria. His name is Egemba Chinonso Fidelis and has dedicated his social media channels to educating Nigerians about health-related issues.