70 year-old woman from Uganda gives birth to twins

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Esther A

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Jul 28, 2022
70 year-old woman from Uganda gives birth to twins


An elderly woman aged 70 years old recently put to bed and delivered a set of twins. This woman is an Ugandan woman named Safina Namukwaya. She is 70 years old. It was her doctor who revealed the joyful news about the birth of her twin babies on Thursday November 30. She gave birth to the children the day before which was on Wednesday, November 29th 2023. The new mother has described this as a miracle. She expressed her joy

Safina Namukwaya gave birth to her children in a hospital in Kampala. This sort of news isn't a common one but it has also brought Joy to the hearts of many who are rejoicing with her. Her doctor who's name is Doctor Edward Tamale Sali, was the one who supervised the delivery of her twins. He was also the one who had supervised her entire pregnancy term.
Safina Namukwaya is now known as Africa’s oldest mother at 70 years old. The doctor revealed that the twins consist of a boy and a girl. The hospital she gave birth in is the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre. He revealed that both mother and children are in good health.

Safina lives in the rural area of Masaka which is about 120 kilometers west of Kampala. She shared her testimony of how people had seen her as weak because she wasn't unable to get pregnant or deliver a baby. She revealed that she had been mocked and ridiculed. She shared that this isn't her first child as she bore a girl in 2020.
She shared that her first husband passed away in 1992. She didn't have any children with her first husband. She then shared she met her current partner in 1996. To her disappointment, he hasn't come to see her since she gave birth.