A Tanzania man caught his wife cheating and now he wants to sell her to man that she cheated with

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Oct 14, 2020

A Tanzania man caught his wife cheating, then he asked the man she was cheating with to paying him money and he can keep his wife .

Tanzanian business man who caught his wife and his friend in bed, has made an unusual demand that shocked everyone.

A local TV station reported that the man identified as Issa Kasili from Mpimbwe in Tanzania, caught his wife in bed with his friend, Mayombi Mwela at a guest house. Instead of fighting them, he demanded to be paid Ksh240,000 (N892k).

In a video obtained by the TV station, a furious Kasili could be seen confronting the duo in a guest house.

He was heard telling Mayombi;

“You have slept with my wife Mayombi, you have fulfilled what you set out to do.”

Talking to his wife, Kasili said;

“You delivered a child for me and now you think you are untouchable. Our marriage is over from now”

Kasili then told Mayombi to take the woman as his wife before demanding to be paid. He said;

“Pay me back my expenses and take her, she is now your wife."

It was learnt that Mayombi promptly paid Kasili the amount he asked for.