Bulldozers demolish Kaduna buildings, cause many injuries, leads to one death

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Esther A

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Jul 28, 2022
Bulldozers demolish Kaduna buildings, cause many injuries, leads to one death

A protest took place in Kaduna over the Bulldozers that have been demolishing buildings in a community in Kaduna.

Operatives of the Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority (KASUPDA) were the ones behind this.

The protest had ensured because prior to this a court judgment had been secured by the residents of this community against the demolition.

During the cause of these protests, many have been injured and a woman has sadly passed away.

These are the residents of Gbagyi Villa community in Kaduna State and they launched a protest against the demolition of buildings in the community.

Youths and some other residents came out in their numbers to protest and saw the armed men who were stationed there for the work.

These armed uniform men began to shoot so as to scare the youths.

A woman who has been identified as Sarah collapsed after hearing about the demolition and shootings. Her blood pressure had reportedly gone up and they rushed her to the hospital immediately. Sadly she was declared dead at the hospital.

Even though some houses had been demolished, the youths who were protesting were able to subdue the security men and they retreated giving a promise to be back.

Residents have been lamenting over this incident. They revealed that the governor had asked them to fill a regularization form which cost N20,000 and majority have done so.

Few days ago, a letter was brought by KASUPDA and the governor had ordered all building approval obtained before the court case is null. He then said they should get fresh building approval processes.

He then gave them 60 days to begun the process which they were ready to do but when they went, they were told the forms weren't ready.

It isn't 60 days yet but KASUPDA came into Gbagyi Villa and began to demolish houses.