Come and do DNA test, DJ Chicken's baby mama calls him out

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Come and do DNA test, DJ Chicken's baby mama calls him out​


DJ Chicken's baby mama calls him in public to conduct a DNA test on his child. The lady whose name wasn't mentioned had recently given birth to Chicken's child and video recordings are showing he was present for the child's dedication. Now, it seems things aren't going well between the couple as Chicken's baby mama sent a memo telling him to come conduct a test to ascertain the paternity of their child.

From what she said, it seemed the Nigerian DJ has denied fathering the child and the baby mama is sure of who the biological father is. Right now, DJ Chicken is yet to respond to her video but fans are anxious to see his reaction.

Recall that DJ Chicken's baby mama had previously called him out for abandoning her and their baby a few weeks after putting to bed. She claimed he hadn't been financially supportive and urged him to own up to his responsibility.

Will the Nigerian DJ respond to his baby mama?