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"Corp members can be mobilized for war..." - NYSC DG

Discussion in 'Crime' started by LagosBwoi, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. LagosBwoi

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    Mar 16, 2021
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    Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, Brig. Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim says corp members can be mobilized to war zones if need be. He said Corp members can be mobilized for war after undergoing the compulsory three-week orientation camp across the federation.

    The DG made this statement on the ChannelsTv "Sunrise Daily" program as a reaction to a call to scrap the NYSC program. The program is a compulsory one-year scheme for graduates from tertiary institutions across the federation, who graduate before age 30. Where graduates are posted outside their state of study, to promote unity and harmony amongst Nigerians.

    Brig.Gen Shuaibu said "Corps members are on reserve. They are part of the national defense policy of this country. So, where there is serious war, our corps members are educated, they are knowledgeable and they can be trained. You see the drill and so on.

    "You can imagine within the short three weeks in the orientation camps, the corps members are moulded. They are like soldiers. You see female corps members blowing the army horn, playing with the military band.

    "So, if not for the knowledge, where are you going to mobilise such young Nigerians to train them quickly to put in their best for the country? So, corps members are on reserve. They are also part of the national defence policy."

    With recent uprisings and unrest around the country, there have been calls from different quarters to scrap the scheme, which seems to not sit well with the DG. He also noted that the scheme was set up to promote national unity, especially in this period where there is a secessionist outcry from all regions.

    With the recent kidnapping of students, the NYSC boss also said they have advised the corp members to avoid traveling at night, to be safe. And stressing that they should not travel after 6 pm and feel free to sleep at any state corper's lodge they are in.

    Many a time, we've seen corp members marrying from the state they were posted to. Brig.Gen Shuaibu also said "there are a lot of inter-marriages. For most of our females, the history of their marriages can be traced to their service year because they meet their fiancées during their service year. I have had cause to attend such weddings and the NYSC supports such weddings."

    Many funny reactions have since trailed his comment on social media, with many seeing the statement as a very funny one.

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