G.O.E buys car for his mom from the N20 million Wizkid gifted him

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Hamot Yusuf

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Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

G.O.E buys car for his mom from the N20 million Wizkid gifted him​


Hypeman God Over Everything (G.O.E) has purchased a Honda for his mother from the N20 million that Wizkid gifted him. He posted pictures of the car on his Instagram page and his mom was seen sitting in it. She shed tears of Joy while examining the car, as someone sang in the background appreciating G.O.E for the thoughtful gift he gave his mother.

See the pictures here.

G.O.E whose name is Adesina recently dedicated a song to the Afrobeats singer Wizkid. After he posted the song on Instagram, Wizkid loved it and reposted the song on his Instagram story. From there, Wizkid asked that G.O.E send his account number and gifted him N20 million. It was an unbelievable moment for the hypeman. Wizkid's gesture took his fans by surprise because he never reacted to others who dedicated a song to him.

After G.O.E received the money, some of his friends advised that he purchase a new Benz but he didn't oblige. Instead, he purchased a car for mom to help fulfill the promise he had made to her. Isn't that sweet?


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