Ghanaian singer falls asleep during sing-a-thon

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Ghanaian singer falls asleep during sing-a-thon​

A Ghanaian singer who embarked on a singing marathon was caught sleeping during the challenge. She had sung for hours and had to take a break to regain lost energy. Immediately this clip hit the Nigerian media space, netizens immediately hit the comment section to mock the Ghanaian singer for sleeping on such a challenge.

Since Nigerian chef Hilda Baci brought the Guinness Records to the country, none of those who embarked on the challenge were caught sleeping. So it was hilarious seeing the singer taking a nap while the challenge was still on. Some passed a sarcastic response to the singer's action by saying she was communicating with spirits in the spiritual realm instead of singing loudly for everyone to listen.

Hilda Baci's cooking marathon truly paved the way for so many Africans to jump on attempting to break the Guinness World Record without adequate preparation. And that has led viewers to make jest of them.