He go buy car cause of societal pressure, Very Darkman reacts to Portable's arrest

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Jun 1, 2023

Popular activist Martins Otse aka Very Darkman reacts to singer Portable's arrest as he shares his opinion on his plight.

Portable was arrested on Tuesday, 14th May 2024 following a breach of agreement between him and a car dealer. Portable bought a brand new G-wagon worth N27M after making a down payment of N13M. He agreed with the car dealer to pay the balance but refused after claiming the car was faulty.

The video of Portable being dragged into a car and arrested has been trending online and by extension, attracted the attention of Very Darkman.

Very Darkman revealed that Portable bought a Mercedes Benz GLE not a G-wagon. He also revealed that Portable posted the car on his page in January and lied saying he bought it for N60M rather than the initial N27M. Very Darkman said Portable rushed to buy a car due to societal pressure. He further mentioned that the singer is buoyant enough but he has a bad habit of owing debts. Very Darkman added that being content is better than going the extra mile to impress other people.