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Apr 5, 2020
There are millions of legitimate ways to make money in Nigeria. If you are looking for how to get rich or how to make money from your home. You are at the right place. A lot of our users have asked us time after time. How can one make money in Nigeria?

Considering the level of poverty in Nigeria, this means that there are many problems in Nigeria. And wherever there is a problem, all you have to do is provide a solution and you will make a lot of money. After you start making the money, you will have to have a good plan to keep the money or you will go broke and you'll have to start all over again.

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Next, we suggest that you open a bank account, and put some money in a fixed deposit account. A lot of Nigeria banks allow their customer to earn money over the money they have in their bank account. When you roll your money into a fixed deposit, you can earn up to 8 percent annually on your money. That's free money that you can use to start a business or use it to handle some of your daily bills. These banks pay you your interest monthly, so you don't have to wait until the rest of the year to spend your money.

Another one, invest in Treasury bills,

How Nigeria Treasury Bill investment works.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government normally issues treasury bills at discounted prices for maturity periods between 91 and 364 days tenure. And you will be paid the Interest at the end of the selected maturity period. The government buys the bills back at full price. For example, let’s say you buy a 182-day ₦1,000,000.00 treasury bill at a discounted rate of ₦800,000.00. This means that you make an extra $200,000 on top of your N1 million investment.

The Federal Government of Nigeria writes an IOU for ₦1,000,000 and agrees to pay back in 182 days. However, you don’t get any monthly interest payments, but you make your money back when the bond is purchased back from you at full price. T-Bill can pay up to 14 percent in the interest rate.

Another one, Invest in Real Estate.

Real Estate is very lucrative but it can also be a bad investment if you overpay for the and or buy the land in a dry area where renters don't play a lot in rent. Therefore it lucrative if you have a property for rent in a very good area. People live on your property and pay you monthly rent or in some cases, people pay you annually.

This is the first part of this article, stay tuned for the second part, I will upload it very soon and you don't want to miss it.
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I would actually consider starting online business or simply freelance


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Jan 16, 2021
btw, except for the methods described here in the main post, there is a perspective side hustle available for any citizen of any country. I've recently explored the whole article about side hustle. I'm now searching for some extra money to earn, so in addition to my main job, wanna find something else to earn at least $200 more than I'm earning now. I'm actually considering proofreading of business and academic articles, however not sure that I'm competent enough for this job. I've also discovered some professional courses exist to learn professional proofreading, but they cost much.
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