I can't chase a lady because I have money, skit maker Lord Lamba says

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Hamot Yusuf

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Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

I can't chase a lady because I have money, skit maker Lord Lamba says​

Famous Nigerian skitmaker Lord Lamba said that he doesn't need to chase a lady for a relationship because he has enough money to attract them. He believes that money is needed to grab the attention of Nigerian women and he doesn't need to break a sweat when approaching a lady. He asked ladies why they love stressing themselves because he isn't going to join the league of men who chase women.

Quoting verbatim, "Wait o. Girls I want to ask this question o. Why una dey stress? Ehn. Why una dey stress? Me? Chase you? Me wey get money."


Promise Kelvin Anagbogu aka Lord Lamba is a Nigerian comedian and content creator. He is famous for posting comedy skits on social media. Since he began creating content, he has amassed 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 165,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is a native of Anambra but grew up in Lagos State. He has collaborated with different content creators to brainstorm and create hilarious masterpieces for his audience.
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