I'll keep triggering you till you enter Kirikiri, Blessing CEO to VeryDarkMan

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

I'll keep triggering you till you enter Kirikiri, Blessing CEO to VeryDarkMan​

After VeryDarkMan was released from prison, one of his biggest critics Blessing CEO expressed utmost satisfaction over how emaciated VeryDarkMan has gotten in a few weeks of isolation. She dared him to share his experience with the public and even call out names as he has always done.

Blessing CEO sarcastically welcomed the activist and vowed to trigger him to offend another person who would re-arrest and send him to the Kirikiri prison in Nigeria. Still, she warned him to watch his tongue this time around if he didn't wish to frequent the prison. She wrote, "He be like crase. Werey don slim oooo. Oya if them born u well come and share ur experience. The idiat don come out. Na the don't play but I no see u gonna learn the hard way he really go cell. Watch ur tongue oooo, I go still trigger enter another wahala rest first I go fire the one u go talk wey go carry u go kiriri. Ex convict wey reconvit. welcome back idiatv."