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Is it wise for older women to date men who are much younger?

Discussion in 'Romance' started by Agunbiade Oluwagbenga, Jun 12, 2022.

  1. Agunbiade Oluwagbenga

    Apr 29, 2022
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    When an older person is romantically linked with a younger person, the popular saying "age is just a number" often comes up.

    Cradle snatching has been the usual suspect since the dawn of time, but in recent years, women have been catching up to men, owing to their financial independence, which has given them influence.

    In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday, some respondents expressed opposing opinions on women dating and marrying males younger than themselves.

    Anita Ebere, a baker, told NAN that as long as there was mutual respect, there was nothing wrong with a woman dating or marrying a man younger than her.

    Ebere claims that she is currently dating a younger man and that their relationship is going well.

    If you're in love, there's nothing wrong with dating a younger man. I'm in love with my four-year-younger partner, and we're planning to get married soon. She explained

    I don't think it's a huge concern as long as there's mutual respect. He is the leader of our household as a man, and that isn't negotiable as long as no third parties have access to the information.

    "Older guys try to establish unwarranted control over you, while younger men are eager to listen to you and help you make decisions," she explained.

    According to fashion designer Adeola Kolade, younger men have more vitality and a longer life span to sexually please older ladies.

    Women are more difficult to satisfy sexually, Kolade explained, and some women with strong sexual appetites prefer younger males because they have the stamina to satisfy their sexual cravings.

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