It hurts me when I see comments calling my man ugly, Carter Efe's girlfriend says

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Jun 1, 2023

Popular comedian Carter Efe's girlfriend Nuella expresses her pain over seeing comments about her boyfriend's facial look.

Netizens have always called Carter Efe ugly and also mocked him for his diastema. They mostly call him 'saliva guy' as people believe he spits a lot of saliva due to his gap teeth.

Nuella disclosed this in a recent interview, saying she finds it offensive to see people calling her boyfriend ugly in the comment section. Nuella said her boyfriend Carter Efe is so cute that she feels scared whenever he is out.

Nuella said the camera angle may have contributed to why the public sees him in that light. Nuella said, "When this guy dresses up and he's about to leave the house, I'm always scared. This guy is cute. It pains me when I see comments like, 'This guy wowo o'. It's the angle of the camera. He's not ugly"