Lead British school student Maryam apologizes for bullying her colleague

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Jun 1, 2023

The female student, Maryam Hassan of Lead British School Abuja who bullied her fellow student Namtira Bwala in viral video finally apologizes as the school suspends her.

A viral video of Maryam slapping Namtira on the school premises hit the internet yesterday. In no time, Nigerians called out the school's management to take immediate action and curb such illicit act.

This morning, the school management announced its closure for three days after the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye visited the school concerning the matter. Following the Minister's visit, a video of Maryam Hassan apologizing to Namtira and the general public made its way online.



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Feb 7, 2024
I saw the video of Maryam Hassan bullying Namtira Bwala, and it's good to see the school taking action by suspending her. The apology video was a necessary step, but I hope it leads to real change. It's also a reminder of how serious bullying can be. Speaking of addressing harmful behaviors, if anyone is dealing with online harassment or blackmail, there's a service that can help stop it. You can check out https://digitalinvestigation.com/ for more info.
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