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Long distance dating in 2022. The pros and cons

Discussion in 'Romance' started by Esther A, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. Esther A

    Esther A Member

    Jul 28, 2022
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    Long distance dating in 2022. The pros and cons

    A long distance dating is a romantic or intimate relationship between two partners geographically separated from one another. This means both partners live far apart and are unable to meet frequently.

    Why Long distance dating?

    Long distance dating has become a ‘thing’ in recent times. Couples can be separated due to a number of reasons and these include work locations, schooling, NYSC (for those in Nigeria) and a couple of other reasons. Couples opt for long distance dating when they want to be together but due to the circumstance around, they need a plan. Communication is important for relationships such as these. It is the key to surviving a long distance relationship.

    The Pros and cons of long distance dating

    Long distance dating has its pros and cons. A long distance dating has it’s challenges and can pose as a problem but when both parties involved are willing to put in the work, it can play out well.


    1. Technology has made long distance dating easier.

    2. Helps to tighten the bond beyond physical.

    3. Helps to value the times spent together.

    4. It genuinely tests the relationship.

    5. Builds effective communication.

    1. Technology has made long distance dating easier: Technology has made long distance dating easier: Long distance dating in 2022 has become much easier because of the technology we made available. Voice calls, video calls have made communication between partners easier. Options include whatsapp video call, zoom or Google meet which enable couples staying in different parts of the world to communicate.

    2. Helps to tighten the bond beyond physical: this is a process that helps to strengthen the bond of a relationship emotionally and beyond the physical. Here there is need to build trust and effective communication between one another.

    3. Helps to value the times spent together: Some couples don’t value what they have until they lose it. Some may get bored of the other person with time. When the couple has been away from each other from some time, they appreciate what they have. There is a quote that says ‘Absence makes the heart grow yonder

    4. It genuinely tests the relationship: distance gives the opportunity to test if the love in the relationship is actually genuine. You may not really know if it’s genuine until you are faced with the challenge of being separated.

    5. Builds communication: long distance dating builds effective communication in the sense that you may not see the person regularly so there is need to communicate frequently. With this method. You can build a system that works for both partners.


    Apart from the numerous advantages long distance dating has to offer, there are also disadvantages to it.

    These disadvantages are highlighted below

    1. The relationship may lose its spark: when couples don’t see each other much frequently, sooner or later, the relationship loses its spark. In a long distance relationship, partners may not see each other quite often. This could also happen when one partner is surrounded by the opposite sex more frequently.

    2. Long distance dating creates a hole in the heart: in other words, the couples will feel the absence of the other person. Some people may not be able to cope with the long distance, the feeling of being separated from the other person for some time. This often gives birth to loneliness too.

    3. Avenue for partners to cheat: when one partner is felling the absence of the other, often, chances are the person will cheat. Come people can’t stay faithful long enough in a relationship talk less of a long distance one.

    4. Many long distance relationships don’t last long: when a partner can’t take the distance of the other partner, they may eventually call it quits. There comes a time that the relationship may become demanding emotionally and when one party can’t handle it, they split up.

    5. Lack of physical intimacy: this is also one main reason why this kind of relationship doesn’t last long.

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