My dry cleaner has burnt my N1.2 million ZTTW short, OGB recent cries out

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

My dry cleaner has burnt my N1.2 million ZTTW short, OGB recent cries out​


Content creator OGB recent cries out after his dry cleaner burnt the ZTTW short he bought for N1.2 million. He called out to Zlatan to express his sadness over seeing his expensive shorts get burnt. He also said he was going to return it to Zlatan's store for a replacement. Many couldn't believe their ears after hearing the cost of the short alone and called out OGB recent on his extravagance.

When Afrobeats singer Zlatan launched his store, a lot of Nigerian celebrities stormed the opening to support and patronize the singer. They all got fashion items from the ZTTW store. Sensing the success of the ZTTW launch, some Aba boys imported the substandard version of ZTTW clothing brands and started selling it for N35,000, making interested average Nigerians rush to purchase it.

Now that OGB recent short is burnt, netizens are saying that he should send it in to Zlatan's store because a N1.2 million short is meant to have a warranty.

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