My man loves me because of money and that is not a crime, White woman says

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Hamot Yusuf

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Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

My man loves me because of money and that is not a crime, White woman says​

A white woman has sent her gender questioning her mindset about relationships. This woman happily said that her Nigerian husband fell in love with her because she spent on him and she sees nothing wrong with it. She added that a lot of women marry men because of money so there is nothing wrong with a man marrying a woman for her money. She also said she is aware that her husband has a wife and children he caters to in Nigeria.

The white woman who was identified as Linda allegedly works two jobs to keep up with the lifestyle of her grown-up Nigerian husband. He suggested that she get a third job so she could fund his bills and that of his family in Nigeria and she agreed. She even said she would sell her father's house to please her husband. Do you think this woman is under a spell?

Since the video surfaced on the internet, netizens have mocked her, claiming she was under the influence of "Juju."
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