Never compare me to Portable again, Speed Darlington warns Nigerians

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Never compare me to Portable again, Speed Darlington warns Nigerians​


Indigenous singer Speed Darlington warns Nigerians against comparing him to Portable after the Zazu crooner was embarrassed for purchasing a G-Wagon on credit. Speed sends fire and thunder to anyone who compares him with Portable. He confidently said that he and Portable aren't in the same league, as he doesn't embarrass himself online.

Speed Darlington added that there has been no instance of him being harassed by the Nigerian Police or trending for laughable reasons. So, Nigerians should desist from comparing him with the Zazu crooner, for he is ready to curse anyone who does.

Before now, Nigerians have nicknamed Speed Darlington a Portable Pro Max, and many were beginning to classify him and Portable in the same category. That is about to end as Speed sends a stern warning to Nigerians to desist from such acts.