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nin.mtnonline.com How to link your NIN With MTN Online

Discussion in 'Phone' started by LagosPolice, Jun 15, 2022.

  1. LagosPolice

    LagosPolice Member

    Oct 14, 2020
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    Linking your NIN number to your MTN online is something that all phone users in Nigeria must learn how to do since the Nigeria government now requires that everyone have NIN number before they can have a hone line in Nigeria.

    Here is a simple step on how to link NIN to MTN online. Simple steps

    Following NCC instructions just like the rest MTN Nigeria has decided to make this simple for its customers, MTN customers can now link there NIN with there SIM online without any stress follow the below steps to link your NIN (national identification number) with your MTN number

    .MTN Number

    You must have Gotten your national identification number from the NCC office

    Follow steps to link up now

    1. Visit the link below


    2.Fill In your MTN number

    3. Fill In your NIN Number

    4.Fill In Your email number

    Finally summit it is very simple please do fast to prevent your SIM from getting blocked

    Y'ello, Kindly visit https://mtnonline.com/nin/ to link your line to your National Identity Number. Pending when verification of the submitted NIN is completed through NCC/NIMC, the status of the NIN submitted is unverified; this means that you might be required to visit again

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