RCCG bans indecent dressing on their campgrounds

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Esther A

Active Member
Jul 28, 2022
RCCG bans indecent dressing on their campgrounds


The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has banned indecent dressing from residents on their campgrounds. They recently released a statement about the mode of dressing for people living in the camp and those also coming from outside. The RCCG campground is located in Mowe, Obafemi Owode Local government area of Ogun State. The residents of Redemption City which is in the Camp have been advised to dress decently.

The recent development was addressed to those who dress indecently in the camp. They revealed that the leadership of the church would not be taking it easy with anyone caught wearing indecent clothes. It was the office of the Special Assistant to the General Overseer, Oladele Balogun who released this memo yesterday, Thursday November 30, 2023.
They revealed that sanctions will be given to anyone caught dressing inappropriately. This also applies to children and whoever is caught defaulting would be sanctioned as well as their parent or guardian.

In their words “We wish to formally inform all residents of Redemption City that, in our commitment to preserving the city’s sanctity and upholding its esteemed ‘Holy City’ status, the mission authority is implementing stricter measures against indecent dressing throughout the city. Henceforth, the mission authority has directed that any individual apprehended for dressing indecently will face significant sanctions, and the same punishment will also be extended to the parent or legal guardian. We, therefore, strongly urge all parents/guardians to instill proper Christian and dressing ethics in their wards to prevent unnecessary embarrassment, as the security operatives and Kingsford Security have been instructed to enforce the above directives with immediate effect. The security operatives and Kingsford Security are hereby further directed not to allow anyone who dresses indecently to enter the Redemption City forthwith. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.”