Stop employing fellow Nigerians with an expired UK Visa if you won't pay them, UK-based man laments

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Stop employing fellow Nigerians with an expired UK Visa if you won't pay them, UK-based man laments​

A UK-based Nigerian man has called out fellow UK-based Nigerian employers who take advantage of other Nigerians with an expired Visa. He said that this set of people employ Nigerians in their company yet refuse to pay them whenever it is time to pay salaries. According to him, they could freely do that because they knew the employees wouldn't dare report to the UK Police since they had become illegal immigrants in the UK.

In his words, "I have come today to call out all of you Nigerian men in this country that are exploiting fellow Nigerians. Just because they don't have a say. I'm not even happy my people. Do you know that this country is very very hard? Do you know that it's not easy to live in this country? Some people came here with visiting visas. Their Visa don expire. They don't know how to renew. They don't know how to go back. A lot of people are stranded in this country. They will now be looking for a menial job to be surviving. They will now go and work for fellow Nigerian people in their company. And these people will refuse to pay them."

He cited an example of a lady who was paid just 30 pounds after working a 10-hour shift. The employee was a Nigerian who didn't feel remorseful and even demanded to get intimate with the lady in question before she could get paid. He urged the employees to help their employees instead of aggravating their problems.