Tear gas fired by police leads to 35 students been hospitalized in Osun State

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Esther A

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Jul 28, 2022
Tear gas fired by police leads to 35 students been hospitalized in Osun State

35 students in Osun State have been hospitalized after they inhaled tear gas which was fired by the police.

The students who were afflicted are students of Fakunle Comprehensive High School, in Osogbo, Osun State.

They were not less than 35 in number and have all been rushed to the hospital due to this.

Some policemen had fired tear gas into the air on Tuesday, and the students had inhaled it and had to be taken to the hospital.

A teacher in the school had revealed that the students collapsed when the inhaled the gas and the quickly rushed 13 of them to a private hospital.

He revealed that the remaining students had been taken to Uniosun Teaching Hospital by the ambulance.

These policemen were reported to have been carrying out their morning drills around the 39 Squadron Division. This police division happens to be located directly opposite the school in Osogbo.

Adelani Adetoro who is the Permanent Secretary of the Osun State Ministry of Education confirmed this incident. He revealed that the situation was already under control.

He revealed this through the Information Officer, Roseline Olawuni.
He said the policemen shot tear gas during their drill and it affected the students in the school seeing as the school was just opposite the station.

He said they have all be taken to the hospital for treatment and everything is no under control.

The spokesperson of the Osun Police Command, Yemisi Opalola, revealed the incident wasn't intentional.

She revealed that they had told the policemen to stop this type of drill in the area.
She clarified that the tear gas wasn't shot into the school.

She said a total of 35 students were affected, they rushed some patients to the Uniosun Teaching Hospital, and some others had been rushed to Spring Hospital by the school before they arrived.