Why I stopped praying for 3 years, Nigerian man reveals

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Why I stopped praying for 3 years, Nigerian man reveals​

A Nigerian man revealed the reason he stopped praying to God for a better life. He said that he stopped praying for the past three years and his life has gotten better ever since. He used to be a prayer warrior who woke up by midnight every day and prayed till 3 am for six months, so God would answer his prayers.

However, he noticed that the prayers did nothing in his life as he kept having more challenges to solve. So, he decided to stop praying and focus on his job. Now, he has fewer problems and lives comfortably unlike before. And he sees no reason to return to being a prayer warrior because it didn't work for him.

Everyone has different opinions about how they live their lives and people are bound to do what works for them. Netizens opined that prayers do get answered and this young man shouldn't try to discourage people who believe in prayers. So, people should do what works for them.