Women are natural liars, podcaster Davy Ben says

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Hamot Yusuf

Active Member
Jun 1, 2023
Lagos, Nigeria

Women are natural liars, podcaster Davy Ben says​

During a podcast with Pulse Nigeria, Davy Ben was made to discuss the rate of paternity fraud in existence in the country. He claimed that women are natural liars who are fond of lying effortlessly to the man they claim to love. He added that women who lie to their partners about the paternity of their child/children are devilish.

He categorized such women as a lying bag of trash who lie to the faces of their men, making him raise a child that isn't his. He called these kind of women manipulative garbage belonging to the highest category of shit. "If you are manipulative, that means every ounce of you is dirty so women who do that, who lie, about the child's birth or the child's father, are trash."

The increasing rate of paternity fraud in Nigeria has become a topic of discussion in forums and podcasts and this particular one is an example of what men think of women who commit paternity fraud against their husbands.